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Ronald L Book

Ronald holds the esteemed position of President and CEO at Ronald L. Book, P.A., a distinguished law firm renowned for specializing in governmental affairs and lobbying across Tallahassee and South Florida. As a prominent Florida lobbyist, he, in collaboration with the accomplished team at the company, has curated a prestigious clientele encompassing top-tier names in the realms of business, local governments, industries, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations throughout the state.


Acknowledged for his unwavering commitment to clients and their causes, he has firmly entrenched his stature within the upper echelons of Florida's governmental power. He garners accolades from clients, peers, and policymakers alike for his comprehensive knowledge, unwavering credibility, and steadfast dedication.


His expertise traverses a broad spectrum, encompassing various domains and issues integral to the intricate policymaking process. From matters of economic growth, environmental rejuvenation, and affordable housing to the intricacies of transportation, aviation, healthcare, social services, growth management, seaports, and sports – His extensive understanding is palpable, having significantly influenced discussions and public policy decisions over the past four decades.


For almost 35 years, the company has held a leadership mantle within Florida's government affairs landscape, with a pronounced focus on the appropriations process. he and his adept team bear responsibility for steering billions towards earmarks, programs, and grants directed at various causes and projects. Respected for their innovative approach to local government advocacy, his firm currently champions representation for numerous government entities, cities, and county administrations at the company of the Florida Capitol.


His pioneering approach to local government advocacy has amplified the firm's influence and nurtured robust relationships that transcend the boundaries of the Florida state Capitol. This far-reaching outreach encompasses city and county governments across every corner of the Sunshine State. This distinguished feat underscores why the company stands as one of the select few entities capable of delivering top-tier legislative representation within the halls of state government, coupled with comprehensive and substantial services tailored to the intricacies of local governance.


His inaugural foray into policymaking traces back to the 1970s when he embarked on his professional journey within the Florida State Legislature. This trajectory laid the groundwork for him to amass invaluable executive branch experience, serving as Special Counsel and head of Legislative Affairs during Governor Bob Graham's administration. This was succeeded by a notable tenure of almost seven years as Partner and Director of the Administrative and Governmental Law Department at the influential Miami-based firm Sparber, Shevin, Shapo, and Heilbronner (1982-1987) and Book, P.A.. These pivotal milestones underscore His profound grasp of legal intricacies and governmental dynamics, affirming his status as a visionary leader in law and policy.

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